Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling

We know why you landed on this page.  Your bathroom or your kitchen has looked the same for the past 10-20 years and you’re sick of looking at it, right?  If that’s the case then it’s time for you to contact us.  These rooms are the most important rooms in your house, and can make or break the appearance of it.  Let us transcend your house by remodeling these rooms.  Please contact us through our contact form, or call us…we would love to assist you in your Bathroom or Kitchen Remodel.

The Process:

These projects can get done in a quick timely manner because majority of the work is considered cosmetics.  As with every other project, we sit down with the client, get a feel on if they want to change the layout of the kitchen or bathroom.  From there we start going over some ideas, and come up with a design to show the client a graphic design of what it will look like when we’re done.  From there it’s smooth sailing: demoing the bathroom or kitchen, having the plumber and electrician do their work before we close in the walls.  Before you know it you’re utilizing your new bathroom or kitchen.


A lot of time we meet with clients and they are already thinking of ways to “Save Money”.  They start selecting cheaper tile then what they have envisioned, cheaper hardwood floors, cheaper vanities, the list goes on.  We recommend thinking long term on these two projects because these are the two rooms in the house that you spend a lot of time in, and are the most important rooms when you go to sell your house.  You may be saving a dime now when you’re re-doing, but when you go to sell it you might be getting dime less than you expected and it might spend more time on the market.

Return on Investment Grade:  A